Rediscovering Blogging

Not say we have nothing else better to do cos we actually have TONNES!
which explains why we are here. distraction is always rife when one has an infinite number of things that demand attention like NOW, NOW, NOW!!

Actually we were doing decent work trying to UAT a video embed code into some usual blog dhtml editors when we rediscovered our Blogger accounts. hooray.

So hence here we are. Directed into resurrecting this blogging thing now which is something that i have not done ever since Moblog was murdered by the InSing team that came into the picture. Given that with FB and Plurk and Twitter, one may not even carry this blog much further than this here post. Right.

So anyways, we shall try to find inspiration from the daily madness to translate into a coherent piece of writing  here. If nothing else, maybe a chronicle for the critters when they grow up (provided this here Blogger has not died by then) to understand what a frazzled, everywhere creature their mom is.

Till the next post (whenever that may be and hopefully not in the middle of some UAT), adios!

Rico - the video embed code does not work in Wordpress, GAH!!!