Feeding the Critters

we are creatures of habit. and when it comes to feeding time, we are afraid we are terribly dull.

reason being that our critters are extremely fussy when it comes to food (maybe, just maybe there is some genetics at work here ..). Veggies are limited to french fries ("Mommy, are potatoes vegetables?"), spinach, an occasional carrot if they are cut right. the critters are contributing to the extinction of salmon stock and nothing goes down faster than popcorn chicken from KFC or nuggets from Macs.

the older critter has a penchant for anything chocolate. if none in sight, he might settle for strawberry or sometimes vanilla. the small one refuses anything sweet and when hungry, can be satisfied with some butter buns or croissant.

in their infancy, i remember trying them out on as wide a variey of foods as possible. unfortunately, their palates weeded out their likes pretty quickly.

and so, every Friday evening, after school, we can all be found clustered within a booth-like table at Xin Wang HongKong Cafe in Coronation Road.such as on this particular Friday.

we were, however, pleased to see some new additions to the Xin Wang menu. insead of the usual luncheon meat nissin noodles and baked cheese rice with porkchop, we tried out the new bamboo steamed rice with chicken and mushroom as well as another with preserved Chinese sausage (lup cheong). Xin Wang even has a kids' menu now - 3 items - and we tried the Fish n Chips which came with Yakult. The other 2 items on the Kids menu were Spaghetti n Meatballs and a rather eclectic concoction of cereal with colourful marshmallows n millk.

the bamboo steamed rice turned out to be pretty good and we all let out a sigh of relief, when the small one, after taking a sniff or two at it, started tucking in. The rice was fragrant, the chicken tender and the mushrooms well, were like mushrooms. Since there was a $2 promotion for fried wantons, it would seem silly to pass up on it.

Fish and chips turned out to be a rather smallish portion (for the price i thought it was small) but we knew the big critter would be happy with his usual dessert.

Xin Wang's waffle was as usual, great. i am partial to big, thick waffles with crispy edges and theirs is done exactly like this. Woe to those outlets which dare to pass off thin, flaccid pieces of batter as waffles (neighbourhood bakeries excluded since they might not have the correct equipment and time). Of course, the big critter had his with chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce. For $6.50, it is highly recommended.

so, with tummies well-filled and a reminder to self to hit the gym on Monday to try to get rid of some calories, we happily skip off home for the weekend.


p/s. in the seas of change that we rock upon, we have to anchor ourselves on something sure and familiar so we had our usual pork chop with black pepper sauce .. zzz ...


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